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About MyChurchMatch.com

At MyChurchMatch.com, our desire is to provide a simple, efficient way to find a church in your local area.  With 350,000 churches in the US, It can be overwhelming.  We believe personal and spiritual growth can best be achieved within a church family.  Finding the right church home for yourself or your family can be a challenge.


Our heart at MyChurchMatch.com is to connect individuals and families with the new church home that’s best for them AND avoid the discouraging process of visiting churches for weeks or months.  If you are a new believer looking for your first church or you have just moved to a new community, MyChurchMatch.com can help you find a church near you. You may be coming back to church after a season away or you have been in church for years and you are just looking for a change.  Whatever you are looking for in a church, we want you to hear “Welcome Home.”

An online search or listing of churches can show you plenty of options.  Unfortunately, the only way to learn more about a church and what they believe is to visit it in person.  With church services typically being a Saturday or Sunday morning event, and with dozens in your local area, you often have to spend months visiting different churches.  This is a grueling, frustrating process.  We want to help you narrow down visits to just those most closely aligned with your beliefs, worship style, and ministry needs.

We don’t want you to find a “good” church, we want you to find the church that’s best for you.  To accomplish this we ask churches to answer some basic questions like what you may find on their website but we give them the opportunity to go a little deeper.  The questions we ask churches and the details we provide here for you, explore worship styles, beliefs, ministry opportunities, and more.  We compare that information with your preferences and priorities to help you find your church match much faster.

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We also let you help others by sharing information about your church or what you have learned about the churches that you have recently visited.  It is always free to create a basic listing, so what do you have to lose.  To tell people more information, go to the “Help My Church” section.

MyChurchMatch is also a great place to list your church events for everyone to find.  If you are in charge of promoting an event, MyChurchMatch.com gives your event visibility to people already searching for church information and activities.

With that we encourage you to start looking for your new church family or help us tell others about the one you already love.  Click the button below and get started now!


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